Artistic biography

Marta Papierowska, I was born on 20th August 1984 in Wejherowo, where I live and work. I am a graduate of the Painting Department (2006-2011) and Artistic Education Department (2003-2006) of Gdansk Academy of Art. I started my art studies under the guidance of prof. Jozef Czerniawski, then continued in the diploma studio of prof. Mieczyslaw Olszewski – who was the supervisor of my MA diploma, “Estetyka a mięsność w sztuce” (Aesthetics and Meatness in Art). The annex to this diploma comprised of linoetchings, drawings, and an animation. In 2005 I received a diploma of a professional artist in the speciality of Visual Advertisement from PSP Gdynia Orlowo (National School of Art). At present I have my own art studio where I realize my ideas mainly through oil painting, graphic techniques, and drawing. Moreover, I give lessons of different techniques of art to children and adults.

I am a co-organizer and participant of “Spichlerza Sztuki Wejherowo” (Granary of Art  Wejherowo) – an artistic event taking place annually in Wejherowo, Poland since 2012. The aim of the Granary is to promote positive and valuable attitudes, encourage reflection, and provoke discussion through different forms of artistic expression. This event, supported by a civic fund, is not only mainly financed by artists, but also comes to life thanks to their energy. Thousands of viewers, and over a 100 artists have taken part in the event’s exhibitions, concerts, lectures and film shows.

In spring 2018 I started a new venture – Galeria w Oknie (a Window Gallery), in Pucka street in Wejherowo. It is an exhibition place for artists and their work. This minimalistic space is a specific site inscribed into the sidewalk façade of the town’s tenement house, unobtrusively encouraging the consumption of fine arts in various forms. The formula provides the recipient with uninterrupted exhibition and variety, through a monthly exchange of works. A bit of curatorial activity and the dissemination of original art are the pillars of the life of Galeria w Oknie (the Window Gallery), which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I have participated in a number of group and individual competitions in my country and abroad. I am a finalist of graphic and animation competitions, and of the “Barwy Morza” (Colours of the Sea) painting competition.

 Some important competitions:

- A group competition ShakeArt in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre , 2021 and in the Warsaw
Polish Theater, 2022;

- An individual competition in Prusewo, 2021;

- A group competition in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the  Gdynia Orlowo Art School, 2020;

- An individual competition in Ustka, 2016;

- A Polish Week Semein Polonaise, Bourg St. Mourice, France, 2013;

- Young art in Gdansk, Diploma Works 2011, Gdansk, 2012;

- An individual exhibition in Ringkobing, Denmark, 2011;                                                                                    - An individual exhibition in the City Theatre of Gdynia, 2011;                                                                             - Debuts of the Year, Koszalin, 2010;                                                                                                                - Contagious art. – students of prof. Cz Tumielewicz, “PLAMA” club, Gdansk, 2010;                                               - Granary of Art Wejherowo, Wejherowo,2021, 2020, 2018, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘Organic matter of animals and plants forces its way into my work. I am interested in organic material seen in a close-up under a microscope. It then takes cosmic form, has incredible coloring and juicy luminosity. To express its character on the flat surface of paper or canvas is a challenge for me, the sensual experiencing of the painted material gives me a feeling of complete engrossment in the work.’