Works for sale

Paintings, graphics and drawings - all my works, including those for sale with prices and details, can be viewed under the heading WORK OF ART.

Art classes

I organize graphic, drawing and painting technique workshops in a formula open to targeted groups, and at the request of institutions. The program most often includes lectures on artistic techniques, a practical introduction to the workshop along with the creation of your own work, which belongs to the author.

Custom design

I carry out various types of commissions based on hand-made graphic elements such as illustrations, book and CD covers, logos, labels and business cards. I will be happy to get involved wherever originality is welcome.

Printing Press rental

I facilitate a large printing press for printing convex graphics (linocuts, woodcuts), and gravure (dry needle). All materials needed for printing are provided. The fee is PLN40 per 1 hour (materials included).


I am open to new experiences and projects related to fine arts and the art workshop. I have experience in organizing exhibitions and artistic events, interior design, and intermediation in the sale of art.